Ravsehaj Singh Puri

I am a final year undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science at Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology. Currently I am a Data Analytics Intern in the Talent Insights team at Eightfold AI. Previously I was a Visiting Research Intern at the University of Toronto and Vector Institute where i worked under the supervision of Animesh Garg. Prior to that, I was part of the research group directed by Parteek Bhatia wherein i worked in the field of Deepfake Detection. I am a potential graduate school applicant desiring to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science and specialization in Artificial Intelligence. I envision a world with intelligent systems interacting with us in a human-like fashion.

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If you would like to collaborate on projects and discuss ideas, please feel free to contact me. I would love to learn from talking with people sharing a common interest.


I'm interested in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. My first research project was in Deepfake detection and then I spent some months working in the field Multi-Object Tracking. Currently I am an intern in the Data Analytics and Insights team at Eightfold AI where I work in automating existing data analytics workflows by writing python scripts alongside core client-side project in a large variety of industries to address talent and skill gap using data. In future, I wish to pursue a career in Machine Learning as a Software Engineer.

Key Courses Completed

1st Feb, 2021  Joining Eightfold AI as a Data Analytics Intern
1st Jan, 2021  Joining PAIR Lab at University of Toronto as an Undergraduate Research Assistant
24th Dec, 2020  Completed my undergraduate academic studies in CS from TIET, India
20th Nov, 2020  Compiled my research in Deepfake detection and submitted a presentation to Supervisor
8th Oct, 2020  Started working in Multi-Object Tracking project on procedural tasks